Hobby For Most. Sport For Us.

2014 Schedule

Apr. 25-26:   VFW Post 846
May/June:    Rockhurst/Kelly Wilson
June 27-28:  Great Lenexa Battle
Sept. 19-20:  Jesse James
Oct. 3-5:       American Royal

Our History

Brownie's BBQ began in Steve Brown's backyard in the late 90s when he first applied the old Brown family recipes on Kansas City's smoked meats. Shortly thereafter Brownie's BBQ began winning ribbons and acknowledgements for his Sweet & Sassy BBQ. In 2007, Brownie began training his son, Chris, to take over the team and, in 2013, Brownie handed the reigns to Chris and his friends so Brownie's BBQ can feed an entirely new generation of hungry stomachs.

Notable Results
6th Place Overall – 2009 Great Lenexa Battle
8th Place Overall – 2008 Great Lenexa Battle
12th Place Overall – 2013 Great Lenexa Battle
2nd Place Brisket – 2013 Great Lenexa Battle
1st Place Overall – 2013 Kelly Wilson Championship
4th Place Brisket – 2012 Great Lenexa Battle
6th Place Brisket – 2010 Great Lenexa Battle
8th Place Sausage – 2010 Great Lenexa Battle
5th Place Sausage – 2007 Great Lenexa Battle
10th Place Whole Animal – 2006 Great Lenexa Battle
1st Place Champion – 2004 Jack Daniels Great American Tailgate
1st Place Best Party & Best Food – 2004 Kansas City Chiefs Tailgate
1st Place Champion – 2003 Jack Daniels Great American Tailgate

Please Thank Our 2013 Sponsors

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