The best BBQ sauce West of the Mississippi (and East too).

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In 1997 Brownie began a journey that led to his famous barbecue sauce. It’s a little bit hot and a little bit sweet (oh who are we kidding, it’s really sweet). The secret formula includes a mix of an old family recipe from the south with ingredients that will leave you craving for more.

It’s helped Brownie’s Barbecue win ribbons and acknowledgements in competitions for over 15 years and we think you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

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Made in KC

Notable Results

  • 1st Overall – 2013 Kelley Wilson Championship
  • 1st Pork – 2014 Lenexa BBQ
  • 1st Pork – 2016 SAMs Tour Overland Park, KS
  • 1st Place – 2003 Jack Daniels Great American Tailgate
  • 1st Place – 2004 Jack Daniels Great American Tailgate
  • 1st Place Party & Food – 2004 Kansas City Chiefs Tailgate
  • 2nd Brisket – 2013 Lenexa BBQ
  • 3rd Misc. (Lamb) – 2017 Lenexa BBQ
  • 4th Brisket – 2012 Lenexa BBQ
  • 5th Sausage – 2007 Lenexa BBQ
  • 6th Overall – 2009 Lenexa BBQ
  • 6th Ribs – 2018 Lenexa BBQ
  • 6th Brisket – 2010 Lenexa BBQ
  • 8th Overall – 2008 Lenexa BBQ
  • 8th Sausage – 2010 Lenexa BBQ
  • 9th Overall – 2014 Lenexa BBQ
  • 10th Whole Animal – 2006 Lenexa BBQ
  • and many more!

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Store Locator

You can find our sauce in all six Made in KC stores in Kansas City (Prairiefire, Corinth, Plaza, Crossroads, Downtown, & Briarcliff).

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Made in KC